Rick Sanchez Grimes Mash-up Lapel Pin

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The Rick Sanchez Grimes mash-up lapel pin, enamel pin, hat pin is 2 inches, hard enamel, two posts. HatPinMan and WiiMiDesign have collaborated to mash-up characters on Rick and Morty and The Walking Dead.

Rick and Morty mashed up into the zombie apocalypse as the Grimes' boys. A two hard enamel pin set featuring Rick Sanchez Grimes and Morty Carl Grimes.
Both pins are double posted; Rick Sanchez-Grimes is 2" tall and Carl/Morty Grimes is 1.5" tall.

All of us here at GlipGlopShop.com are huge fans of The Walking Dead. Thus, we were ecstatic to see Scott Gimple, one of our favorite screenwriters & TWD mastermind, wear our Rick Sanchez-Grimes pin on the Talking Dead following this Seasons TWD Finale. It looked stellar on his lapel and perhaps gave him a little extra pizazz. We are inspired to know that he is enjoying our product. And he really wore it well.

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