Rick & Morty Mashup King Four Sticker Slap Pack

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Rick and Morty Mashup King Slap Pack - four 3 inch stickers included or add sticker #5 for $1.00 more. and 1 of every 10 packs includes a 3x3 inch Ski Shoes Refrigerator Magnet. Designs included:

  1. Rick & Morty Grimes 1.75x3"
  2. Scientist Formerly Known as Rick (Prince) 1.55x3"
  3. Corty & Hicks Calvin & Hobbes 1.97x3"
  4. Go Go Sanchez Ski Shoes 2.2x3"
  5. Wubba Lubba Dab Dab (5 sticker pack) 3x2.85"