A private, invitation only service WiiMi wholesale is here to help your business grow. Whether you are store owner looking to add large amounts of inventory, or an entrepreneur looking to make some quick cash we have a product for you.

Entrepreneurs and business owners alike are impressed with the wholesale-to-retail profit margin our products offer. Most of our custom designed wholesale products are offered at a cheaper unit price than prominent pin manufacturers such as Quality Lapel Pins.

Our wholesale shop offers custom designed products that are current and in high demand; and made with high quality materials.  Whereas, most comparable wholesalers only stock products made with low quality materials and outdated generic designs. 

As your business and order sizes grow, so will your savings: the larger the quantity of items/size of your order, the cheaper the products become. 

Currently we have a $50.00 minimum order policy (shipping not included)

For questions please contact our wholesale manager directly:

wiimidesign @ gmail.com


To make wholesale purchase - add pins to your cart and use private Discount code to get 50% OFF your order - $45.00 minimum order. Discount is not available for all products, but is for most pins.

 GlipGlopShop.com is still being built so check back regularly for frequent updates and new products.