We have always loved giving stuff away and we have created a way to make it even more enjoyable.

The Interdimensional Cable 20 pcs Button Back set is complete and freaking hilarious bro. Yo, bring any of these with you if you want to make fellow Rick and Morty fans laugh.  Unfortunately, the set will not be for sale. How do you get it?  We are glad you asked.  

We will include at least one FREE button with every Rick and Morty pin order.   Buy two R&M pins and get 2 buttons; 3 buttons purchase w/ 3pins...etc.

We will regularly run button giveaways through Facebook and Instagram, and rewards for the fans with the most buttons.  It gets even better; grow your button lot to 15 (of 20) and WIN!

Win the five buttons which complete the set, and a custom 8.5x11 backing card (pictured below). 

Buttons will be gifted randomly from the pool of 20, which includes:

  1. Two Brothers
  2. Ants in My Eyes Johnson Electronics
  3. Real Fake Doors Salesman
  4. Jon & Gazorpazorpfield
  5. Trunk People 
  6. Michael Denny and the Denny Singers
  7. Baby Legs and Regular Legs
  8. Real Turbulent Juice
  9. Strawberry Schmiggles
  10. Hamster in Butt World inhabitant
  11. Jan Quadrant Vincent 16
  12. Adventures of Stealy
  13. Lil' Bits
  14. Michael and Pichael Thompson
  15. Plumbus
  16. Personal Space
  17. Octupus Man
  18. Eyehole Man
  19. Michael Jenkins vs a Real Car
  20. Ball Fondlers


We habitually add free stickers to outgoing packages!!