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GlipGlopShop is the best place to peruse spectacular products that express and inspire your most zealous interests.  Our resident weirdos at WiiMiDesign synthesize the looniest, cleverest, and often weirdest designs just for you.  Our budding collection of freshly curated products is an amalgam of these exclusive in-house designs and astounding creations from the dopest artists.  

Shop for collectibles, apparel, functional, fun, and funktified home and office decor, gizmos, and gadgets, and much more. Find the coolest gifts, whether your loved one is into music, cartoons, video games, or simply graphic t-shirts we have you covered at GlipGlopShop.

Find the perfect gift for musicians, artists, gamers, sons, watchmakers, dads, bozos, mad scientists, coders, daughters, deadheads, jabro-knees, cannabis enthusiasts, mothers, cool guys, samurai warriors, hunks, assassins, dringus, time travelers, aliens, zombie hunters, and regular ole human folks. Stimulate your imagination.

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